White Noise Album 03

White-noise-03-250x250White Noise Album 03 by Lullaby Land (Sounds Of Tranquility)

This album features white noise in the form of ambient noises such as the calming sounds of a country brook, sleepy ocean or of gentle rain. White noise is an effective sleep aid for infants and creates a familiar and comforting environment as it mimics the ‘whoosh’ sound your baby heard in the womb. Our tracks are 5+ minutes in length, fading in smoothly and then fading out slowly at the end. This is so that there are no jolts when the track is played on repeat.
You may have to try several tracks to find one that works well, as all babies are different.

Track listing includes:
1. Country brook     2. Gentle rain     3. Maldives coast     4. Mystic wind
5. Niagara Falls     6. Sleepy ocean     7. Soothing swoosh     8. Swirling sea
9. New York 77th Street at night

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