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After a long day filled with sensory stimulation and numerous opportunities for discovery and learning, babies may not surprisingly have trouble winding down. Having a solid bedtime routine in place can help baby understand that sleepy time is coming and establishing good sleeping habits for a newborn will make the months to come much easier.’s something beautifully soothing about lullabies and they have been successfully used by every culture since ancient times to help babies drift off to sleep. Since the creation of MP3 players and online music stores, playing lullabies has never been easier. The repeat button is also a great invention!

Our collection of lullabies are instrumental versions of well known nursery rhymes with no vocals to provide the least stimulation possible. You can however sing along to your baby Buy Lullaby Land Lullabies For Baby on iTunesas we believe it is more comforting for baby to ear mummy’s familiar voice than an unknown voice. The instruments used in our lullabies are carefully chosen for their gentle sound. In order not to stimulate the baby’s mind, the lullabies are simple and repetitive, but in each lullaby there are subtle gradual changes in the accompaniment to give the melody a little light and shade.

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