White Noise Album 02

White-noise-02-250x250White Noise Album 02  – by Lullaby Land (Relaxing Sounds Of Nature)

This album features white noise in the form of relaxing sounds found in nature such as lapping water by a riverbank, the sound of the ocean, a stream and the sounds of birdsong and woodland trees swaying in the breeze. Studies show that these calming sounds have the power to relax the mind by filling empty silence with a soothing sound which has no specific pitch or distinguishable repetition. This helps prevent the mind from focusing on negative thoughts and prevents the ears from disturbing the mind’s relaxed state. Our tracks are 5+ minutes in length, fading in smoothly and then fading out slowly at the end. This is so that there are no jolts when the track is played on repeat.
You may have to try several tracks to find one that works well, as all babies are different.

Track listing includes:
1. Jungle Night     2. Lapping Water     3. Ocean     4. Riverbank
5. Stream     6. Summers Night     7. Tropical Sea     8. Woodland
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