There are many happy mums and dads around the world who have found that Lullaby Land lullabies and white noise downloads worked wonders in helping their little ones fall asleep and have continued to use them as part of their bedtime routine with baby number 2 and 3. Here are just a few of the comments made about our lullaby and white noise albums: and Harry’s mum posted her best and worst baby buys and Lullaby Land white noise downloads were number 4 in her list of best buys. She commented: “Lullaby land white noise (downloaded onto my ipod) guaranteed to send Harry to sleep”. Check out her full post here.


Steve A Alvarado sang the praises of our Lulluby Land Music Box album on “Sounding exactly like a music box, these melodies have helped my child go to sleep for years. I definitely recommend.” Read his comment here.

white_noise_hairdryer2Lullaby Land got a mention on from a happy mum calling herself ‘ReadingTeaLeaves’ who recommended Lullaby Land white noise downloads¬† in her response to a post from another mum called ‘Tras’ entitled “Constant night wakening & addicted to hairdryer – HELP!”. Tras was seeking advice as her 6.5 months daughter was wakening repeatedly at night. In her post she said that ‘The only thing that has been soothing her back to sleep is the hairdryer! So much so, that sometimes I think it could be her addiction to this noise that is wakening her. Have tried not putting on hairdryer but she just screams till I do. Sometimes in the night, as soon as we turn off hairdryer she wakes IMMEDIATELY! So bought an air purifier to try and simulate noise, but she wasnt fooled.’
‘ReadingTeaLeaves’ wrote the following response: “If you have an iPod you can download a track of white noise for about ¬£1.50. White-noise-01-250x250A search for lullaby land or white noise should find it. If you have an iPhone there’s an app with different sorts of white noise for about the same price. We use both a lot and have some really cheap speakers. In DSs room. I realise you’re probably looking for some help in weaning her off the noise – but do you need to if you have a safe way of getting the noise. Good luck x”

We loved ReadingTeaLeaves’ big up, particularly on how good value our lullabies and white noise downloads are, in fact you can purchase a download for 89 pence (pound sterling) and $1 (US dollar) maximum in the main online music stores such as iTunes or Amazon .

Napster, the US online music library, wrote a very kind biography for Lullaby Land: “This British label acknowledges what parents have known for a long time: when it comes to soothing a baby, sometimes a hair dryer works better than a lullaby. napster_lullabies_babyConsequently, the label offers both gentle, chiming instrumentals and an astonishing variety of white noise, including recordings of vacuum cleaners, washing machines, aquariums and even New York City nights.”

If you do try our lullabies or white noise as part of your baby bedtime routine, please get in touch, as we would love to hear how it is working out for you and your little one.