Lullabies to Help Baby Sleep

Many parents find that they need lullabies to help baby sleep. Musical Lullabies played with gentle tones or white noise sounds such as atmospheres, waterfalls or household appliances can sooth your baby to sleep. Lack of sleep is a much talked about subject amongst new mums, which is why Lullaby Land have created soothing instrumental lullabies and white noise sounds so both baby and mum can get a good night’s sleep.lullabylanduk_peaceful

For your little one, night time is the same as day time. Sleep training is important for newborns to learn that night time is sleep time and day time is play time and the best way to start is with a good bedtime routine.

Babies are comforted by routines and a good bedtime routine helps babies understand that going to bed is an enjoyable and loving time with mummy or daddy. key is for the sleep routine to be consistent as it helps signal to your baby or toddler that bedtime is coming. A tried and tested wind down ritual is to start with a warm bath, to play soothing musical lullabies while giving a gentle soothing massage and a feed.
What the baby feels and hears is associated with sleepy time. It can become such a strong cue at night that playing the same music when the baby awakes will help induce sleep again – and it is known to have the same effect on adults – you’ll be pleased to hear! can work particularly well on holiday when everything is different and new to them, but the relaxing music still holds a reassuring reminder of home. Once baby has learned that “Twinkle Twinkle lullaby = calm”, it can comfort babies and help them drift off to sleep wherever they are.

The music played at bedtime needs to provide very low mental stimulation. Gentle repetitive music with no singing is best. We especially created our collection of instrumental lullabies with soft and relaxing tones that stimulate brain alpha waves, which, as research shows, help induce a state of deep relaxation within a short time.

A simple nursery rhyme is an ideal lullaby as the rhythmic repetition creates a feeling of warmth and familiarity, which is important when preparing for night time sleep. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is the most popular instrumental lullaby in our collection as the simplicity and gentle nature of the melody create a feeling of wellbeing at bedtime.

If your baby is new-born you may find the constant whirring of white noise works better than lullabies.White-noise-01-250x250 Gentle ambient noises can help your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep by providing a distraction away from surrounding street or house noises, but also from the ominous silence of the night. The constant repetitive sounds of white noise are very similar to womb sounds such as your heart beat, blood circulation, breathing, the muffled sound of your voice, etc. These familiar sounds can be comforting to newborns, in particular, who have not yet got used to the outside world or indeed the sound of silence.

White noise can be the sound a vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, fan, car, etc or even natural sounds of waves, rain, or wind. white_noise_hairdryerIn fact it can be any steady, constant sound that occupies many frequencies all at the same time. You may find that some of the sounds work better than others, so be prepared for a little experimentation, after all, every baby is different.

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